We have highly adept Solidworks professionals and engineers based in Melbourne. Our clients include Yarra Trams, Australian Defense Force, Bauhn, Bunnings, SNC Lavalin, Adapt A Lift GSE and Innovative Technologies Group.

From CAD drawings and mechanical 3D design to structural weldments, our personnel are available for both fixed quotes and hourly-rate work, on or off-site.

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    On-Site or Off-Site Services

    Our Solidworks professionals and engineers can work on-site or off-site to achieve turnkey results for your project. From initial concept through to production or any part in between. Laptops and Solidworks license can be provided.

    Solidworks-Certified Drafters, Engineers and Professionals

    Solidworks Drafting Melbourne supplies only top-tier drafters and engineers. Certified in several areas of Solidworks for fast accurate delivery of mechanical 3D design or plastics design.

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    From Small to Large Projects

    Our drafters and engineers work on short-run contracts of several days for companies such as SNC Lavalin and large-run contracts of several months for companies such as Innovative Technologies Group.
    Reverse Engineering

    We have reverse-engineered train bogies to container moving equipment. If you can’t find certain CAD drawings but need to pre-produce/improve the product we can help you.

    3D Mechanical Engineering

    Designing detailed and complex machines in Solidworks saves countless production dollars and reduces production timelines drastically. Solidworks Drafting Melbourne is adept in 3D design to make this process fast and effective.

    Structural Weldments

    Our qualified and experienced Mechanical Engineers and Drafters can design your machinery or weldments to any specification.

    Technical Drawings

    We have created thousands of technical drawings that can be seen in machinery and product all across Australia. From trains and trams to car testing facilities to yabbie farms and consumer good, we produce accurate and detailed technical/CAD drawings for all industries.


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    Over 30 years experience


    For every project, we can bring to you the knowledge and expertise of over 15 years of experience working in the industry.

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    We offer on-site or off-site services at hourly rates or fixed quotes, with Solidworks licences and work stations available.

    High Professional Standard

    High Professional

    Our proficiency and speed in mechanical 3D design and CAD drawings have gained us a reputation for quality and quantity.

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    Whatever your project requirements, we'll seek to meet your needs with the best drafters and engineers for the job.



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